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As Osteopaths with a special interest in the treatment of babies and children, we are often asked with a slightly bemused look – “Why would a baby need to have treatment? Aren’t they perfect already?”

Well in an ideal situation and with the ideal environment, nourishment, position during pregnancy and birth process we can say that probably yes, everything is fine! However, as in life, there are many variables in the way two cells come together and join and from there how they divide, are nurtured by the internal environment of the mother and grow from the functioning cells bathed in fluid to tissues, organs, systems and finally structure.

Sometimes this does not go completely to plan, and development can be subject to stress or alteration from ideal. Birth can be quite a stressful event to say the least! Many babies can release the physical stress of birth through sucking and crying within a few days but this does not always work.

Babies can show this physical strain in different ways depending on how it affects them. Often it can be that they are just unsettled but it can also be related to difficulty doing normal baby things such as feeding well, sleeping soundly and being happy.

We find a biodynamic approach to Osteopathy a safe and effective form of treatment for babies, toddlers and older children and one which they often find quite relaxing.

Children respond very well to Osteopathy because it is supporting their rapid and ongoing changes in growth and development. Babies will very regularly fall asleep, as the changes made in the treatment become integrated more easily when they are resting.

During the application of our treatment, force is not used and the atmosphere is very relaxed and easy going. It is not unusual for us to treat the child whilst playing either on the table, on the floor or being held by Mum or Dad.

We love having children in our clinic and it gives us great satisfaction to help improve their health and wellbeing!

If you have questions we are more than happy to discuss them with you at your convenience, please give us a call on 0395306449.

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