Osteopathic Treatment for Children can Help with Development & Growth.

The gentle nature of Osteopathic treatment, in particular Cranial Osteopathy, makes it an appropriate option for the treatment of children ranging from the newborn infant through to the adolescent becoming a young adult.

There are various times throughout the process of development and growth of a child where Osteopathy can be extremely useful in steering towards healthy and well balanced development. Children grow and change quickly and as a result the demands placed on their systems are different to that of an adult. Stresses and strains can show up in a child in many ways that are different to that which adults would experience.


Osteopathy for Newborn Babies

The process of pregnancy and birth can be one of the most physically stressful events one can experience in life, and under normal birth conditions the infant body is designed to adapt and cope with these strains. The cartilage plates of the head have some flexibility and accommodate to the birthing process. However these immense stresses can have lasting effects on the newborn that may lead to compressed tissue and imbalance in health.
Tissue strain and compression can lead to irritation in various systems of the body including the nervous and circulatory systems.

Osteopathy can help to release these subtle strains assisting the body to regain a better state of balance and health. Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle, relaxing and non-invasive method for the treatment of children and is complimentary to Medical Paediatric care.


Osteopathy for Pregnancy
As children grow older and begin to sit, crawl, balance and walk their natural inquisitive nature can result in falls and knocks that cause strain in a similar way to that of the adult on the sporting field. The difference with children is that they are still in a period of rapid growth and development. Often bones are still soft, growth plates are open and muscle strength is constantly in a state of catch up for body weight. Physical strain and injury, while not seemingly prolonged can cause alterations in joint and postural alignment that are reflected in future growth. The child’s body accommodates for the result of the forces involved and can affect optimal health.

Osteopaths often work in conjunction with other Medical and Allied Health professionals to achieve the optimal outcome for the child and family. Our team of Osteopaths have experience treating  babies and children, working gently to achieve the child’s optimal balance of health.

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