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By Dr. Corey Dyer.
Undoubtedly life is a balancing act. If we look closely enough we can see this innate desire to find balance in all of life’s situations. And generally speaking, when we find balance we are effortlessly healthy, happy, content and relaxed. When we feel ourselves out of balance is when we started to feel uncomfortable, and strive in conscious and unconscious ways that we think will help us regain balance.

Rock BalanceThe most basic need to be in balance is in the physiology of our body. Without us even being aware of it our bodies are in constant motion to find balance. That may seem contradictory, however this balance is very dynamic and constantly responding to change. Our body is always finding balance in ways such as temperature control, fluid volume, electrolyte balance, detoxification and waste removal, cellular energy production, tissue repair, immune defence and so the list goes almost endlessly.

The closer our bodies are able to maintain this inner balance, or homeostasis, the better our health, the better our bodies function, and the better we feel. Conversely when our bodies cannot maintain this inner balance is when we experience physical stress. Physical stress directs our energies to trying to correct imbalance and if we cannot address it, then we compensate for it in other ways. Our body does it’s best to communicate with our mind that something is wrong. Smaller symptoms act as warning signs for us to stop doing harmful things that stress our systems. If this physical stress and subsequent compensatory actions goes on for longer periods of time, they weaken us and we become more susceptible to illness and disease.

A large part of our work as Osteopaths is to strengthen and improve the bodies innate abilities to find balance. Addressing the cause of our illness is to remedy the physiological imbalance that resulted in become vulnerable to illness and that is inhibiting our recovery. Looking at illness in this way may not give us quick relief from our unpleasant symptoms, it will however be the best long term investment we can make.

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