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You may find your answer below. If not, you are welcome to ask you question personally by phone or email and we will be happy to assist you.

What are the costs of consultations?

These are our consultation fees for 2017/18.  If you have private health insurance for extras you may be entitled to a rebate via HICAPS and then you only need pay the gap fee.

Initial Consultation:  1 hour appointment $135.00

Standard Consultation:  30 minute appointment $92.00

Long consultations are available for complex problems on arrangement with your Osteopath.

We accept WorkCover and TAC patients with a current claim number however you will need pay on the day and bill your insurer directly.

What should I expect on my first consultation?

Your first consultation will take approximately 1 hour during which a comprehensive medical history will be taken. It is useful to bring any previous x-rays or medical test results. We will ask you in detail about your current problem, and your medical history including previous treatment and intervention, general wellbeing and relevant lifestyle factors.  You will also need to sign a consent for that you agree to being examined and treated.

A physical examination may include a combination of orthopaedic tests, osteopathic tests, observation and hands on palpation of areas of your body. A diagnosis and treatment plan will be established. In almost all cases you will receive treatment in the first consultation and will only be referred for x-rays or further medical tests if deemed necessary.

What training does an osteopath have?

In Australia, Osteopaths are Government registered practitioners with five year, full-time university training which covers anatomy, physiology, pathology and general medical diagnosis in addition to Osteopathic technique. Osteopaths are primary care practitioners, and are trained to be able to recognise conditions which require medical referral. They are also trained to carry out standard medical examinations of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system.

Our Osteopaths regularly undergo further professional development and post graduate study. Our practitioners are caring individuals, passionate about their work and are genuinely interested in helping you maximize your health and wellbeing.

Do I need a referral to see an Osteopath?

You do not need a referral to attend for Osteopathic treatment. For Workcover and TAC the cost of Osteopathic treatment is covered by both parties. To do this we will need your claim number. If you do have a claim number, see your GP to organise a claim before attending for your consultation.
Veterans Affairs: you require a referral from your GP.
Medicare (Enhanced Primary Care Plan); you need to see your GP and establish a care plan with the Osteopath included in the plan to be able to claim a Medicare Rebate.

Is Osteopathic Treatment Safe?

Osteopathy has one of the best safety records of any medical or allied health profession and risks of adverse reactions are minimal. Osteopaths are trained extensively to recognise when manual therapy is appropriate in a particular situation and when it is best to look for further investigation or medical care. In these circumstances where manual therapy is not advised you will be referred for the most appropriate medical attention. When an Osteopath selects the most appropriate manual therapy as part of the treatment plan it is the result of an examination and diagnosis, and safety is of highest importance when selecting and carrying out treatment.

The gentle nature of Cranial Osteopathy when applied correctly by an experienced practitioner is a very safe form of manual therapy.

Should I wait until I am in pain before I have treatment?

 The majority of Osteopaths believe getting you back for frequent treatment over the long term is not the best outcome. At Southside Osteopathic Clinic we prefer to effectively address the imbalance and strain involved in the state of ill health and when the body has recovered sufficiently to its optimal state we do not see the need for ongoing intervention.
Having said that, having the occaisional Osteopathic treatment when you are just not feeling 100% can be a wonderful tool for keeping you on track and feeling great, especially for those of us who lead a demanding and active
lifestyle and want to get the most life.

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