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It’s that time of year where most of us start asking ourselves why are we in Melbourne and not somewhere further up the coast? Then after a moments pondering we come up with a list of things like good food, good coffee, great culture & a legitimate reason for a four seasons wardrobe!

Now I would like to talk about getting sick, but rather then repeating what we all already know I wanted to comment on a few things that in my own experience and my experience with my patients, has changed the way I look at getting sick.

Lots of people will come to see us over the next few months because they are sick with a sinus cold, a sore throat, a phlegmy cough or even just feeling tired and run down.

Osteopath Melbourne Resting
But what if getting sick wasn’t such a bad thing? It’s certainly something we would all prefer to do without as it can make us feel pretty ordinary and it certainly gets in the way of our routines and lifestyles.

Most of our self-regulatory functioning occurs when we are at rest. Getting sick normally forces us to take time out from our daily routines and rest so that we can allow these things to occur. Growth and development doesn’t end when we’re an adult. In order for our bodies to regulate healthy function most of our cells will die and be replaced with new ones. This can happen daily, monthly, yearly etc, depending on the type of cell it is. In fact we have an entire new skeleton every 7 – 10 years! Like a snake that sheds its old skin, this time of year can become a window of opportunity for growth & renewal.

In fact I’ve found that a large percentage of sick patient’s I see actually have a very good functional capacity (their bodies ability to maintain healthy function and cope with the different stresses of life). This means that their body was not necessarily run down or depleted before taking on the bug; but instead has willingly lowered its defenses and allowed infection to take place. So that now our bodies are actually using these bugs for their own benefit. A lot of times after I have treated children who have been sick, they will then have a big growth spurt. Frequently adults report that they feel better after recovering from being sick then they did before they actually fell ill.

There are other things that need to be considered though, such as getting sick and having a low functional capacity. What this normally indicates is that the patient is trying to cope with too many stresses at once and they are losing their ability to compensate and self regulate. This could be a combination of things such as physical, emotional, nutritional stressors etc. So now their body has perhaps not willingly accepted the bug but is instead over run by it. ask jeeves These cases are normally the ones where patients feel really wiped out by their symptoms and it seems that it is taking a very long time for any sign of recovery. Most people will then seek some sort of treatment and this is then where Osteopathy can be extremely beneficial.

The other, less frequently seen, possibility is where patient’s will tell you that they never get sick and believe this to be a good sign. In my experience it is normally the opposite and osteopathic examination reveals that their bodies are dealing with so much compensation that they do not have the capacity to get sick without completely decompensating. This may then be a precursor to disease if they aren’t able to find some support for their health soon.

So if you find yourself or members of your family feeling run-down or experiencing ongoing tiredness or illness call us on 9530 6449 for an Osteopathic treatment. We can help support your self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms to increase your functional capacity and work back towards a good level of health.

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